Rules about carrying a large knife

If you’re into living and doing adventures outdoors then you’re probably also into knives. It is very much a necessity. Knives are actually very functional and can be used in all tasks. For this fact, the demand for knives of whatever design has increased. There are those that come in larger size for heavy duty. There are also those specially designed knives for other purposes such as filleting as well as cutting hard objects.

Large knives are generally designed to cut bigger objects such as wood or lumber. On the other hand, you can avail of the survival knives if you want something that can be easily kept and that has many uses.


Of course, there are laws to be followed with regard to carrying large knives. These laws will depend on the state you are in or country if you’re not living in the US. Laws concerning carrying of large knives are focused mainly on the reason why you are carrying the knife around and ignores the reason that the knife will be used for camping as well as hiking. This law tries to avoid such events where knives are to be used as weapon.

As mentioned before, these laws differ from one state to another. One example is for the state of Arizona which allows its citizens to carry knives. Furthermore, this law has been confirmed by the judicial system as constitutional in Dano v Collins.

Whilst in Colorado, citizens are allowed to carry anything they want. Nevertheless, carrying knives that are at least 3.5 inches for the purpose of hurting someone is definitely prohibited.

In Georgia, anyone carrying concealed weapons will automatically be charged by going against the law. Furthermore, knives can not be brought to any events where there are crowds. Obviously, this law is just a bit complicated that is why you will need to take extra precaution when carrying knives. This is for the fact that knives can pretty much be used in anything specially as a weapon.

Likewise, carrying at least 3 inches of knives in the state of Kentucky is prohibited by their government. These types of knives are specially beneficial for any outdoor activities provided that it can be folded for portability. Folding knives have the lock feature so as to keep the user away from hurting him or herself.

Moreover, knives can also be totally banned in one state like the state of New Jersey. This law is actually incomplete and complicated that people are actually confused whether the knives that they carry is legal or illegal.

As you might have already known, every place has its own specifics with regard to carrying knives in public. Needless to say, every knife carried to the public should always be considered if you are looking to bring those for camping, hiking and other outdoor stuff.

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